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Gundersen Health – La Crosse, WI & Onalaska, WI
interior energy savings
exterior energy savings
2 million
lbs. of CO2 reduction
Lighting Upgrade Success Story for Gunderson Health Systems

Interior Results: 

  • Reduced kWh use by more than 900,000 hours annually 
  • Energy savings of $86,420 annually 
  • Energy Reduction of 57% 
  • Simple Payback of 4.2 years 
  • ROI – 24% 
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by 2,015,855 lbs. annually
  • Reduced SO2 emissions by 11,098 lbs. annually 
  • Reduced NOx emissions by 5,185 lbs. annually 
  • Earned Incentives of $25,730 

Exterior Results: 

  • Reduced kWh use by nearly 200,000 hours annually
  • Energy savings of $18,765 annually
  • Energy Reduction of 67.1% 
  • Simple Payback of 6.84 years 
  • ROI – 15% 
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by 437,718 lbs. annually
  • Reduced SO2 emissions by 2,410 lbs. annually 
  • Reduced NOx emissions by 1,126 lbs. annually 
  • Earned Incentives of $9,420
  • We took the time and effort to ensure there was no light trespass to the neighbors and there was good, even light throughout the lot so employees and visitors felt safe at night.

By replacing its outdated lighting, Gundersen Health aimed to gain big savings, reduce energy use and reduce its carbon footprint. Upgrading Gundersen Health’s interior & exterior lighting for three buildings plus nine parking lots needed to happen without disruption for this 24/7 hospital setting. Part of EPL’s work was in “clean rooms” where everything going in had to be sanitary and installers had to scrub down and suit up.


As part of project planning, EPL worked with the facility to schedule construction based on patient and staff needs. We replaced the old lighting system (mainly fluorescent troffer fixtures and screw base CFL lamps) with our new design featuring LED tubes and lamps. Exterior pole fixtures with high-pressure sodium lamps were replaced with new LED fixtures.

To ensure we could deliver as promised, we mocked up on-site sample rooms before finalizing the project quote to make sure everything would go smoothly. During mock up, we made adjustments to prevent unexpected costs and time delays for the project, ensuring that Gundersen achieved everything they hoped to, on time and on budget.